P90X Nutrition Plan Review

P90X Nutrition Plan Review


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Updated on May 21, 2019

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Parlaying the wild success of the first P90X program, Beachbody came out with their second version of the fitness program dubbed P90X2. As with the first P90X, P90X2 comes with the P90X Nutrition Plan. This is what is to be followed for the entire time participants are doing P90X2. The P90X Nutrition Plan consists of three phases each lasting 30 days and coinciding with the three different training blocks of the P90X2 program.

The first phase of the P90X Nutrition Plan is the Fat Shredder phase. It is a high protein, low carbohydrate phase that is supposed to help participants shred excess fat quickly.

The second phase is called the Energy Booster Stage and rebalances the mix of proteins and carbohydrates to almost 50/50. This is supposedly needed as the workouts start to intensify and your body will therefore be demanding more energy.*

The third phase is the Endurance Maximizer and is meant to help get participants through the rest of the program. It is said to be molded after what professional athletes consume and has a bit more on the carbohydrate side as opposed to the Energy Booster stage.

Each phase consists of five daily meals and extreme levels of fitness that take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Supplements are also recommended and sold separately by Beachbody.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The P90X Nutrition Diet?

Dieters will lose weight while using the P90X Nutrition Plan, but only if they also do the required six days of intense working out as well. The P90X Nutrition Plan was designed to compliment an extreme workout and without the workouts it will do little good. If anything, this program is more of a workout program rather than a weight loss program. People are getting into great shape and building muscle while participating. A lot of the exercises require pull ups, and push ups so beware if you are not in the kind of shape to jump right into something like that.

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Is The P90X Nutrition Diet Easy To Follow?

The P90X Nutrition Plan itself is easy to understand, but following it can be a challenge. There are no blow off days allowed and the number of calories that you might be used to will be dramatically cut. Cravings can be expected and will have to be fought off regularly.

In addition, the exercise routines that are required with P90X2 are very extreme. Each session is either weights, cardio, or a combination of the two and a good deal of time is required to be sacrificed in order to successfully complete the program. Many find the exercising either too hard or just too time-consuming, but the P90X Nutrition Plan won’t work without the exercising. This program is tough to follow for even the fitness fanatics.

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The P90X Nutrition Plan comes with lots of hard work and upfront costs. The P90X2 program itself costs about $330 plus shipping and there is also the cost of food to be considered. In addition, Beachbody suggests that you buy their vitamins, supplements, and meal bars which can greatly add to the overall cost. If you do not have equipment like a pull up bar, or some weights you also will need to invest in those.

However, what can’t be discounted is just how extreme the P90X2 program is. Those just getting into weight loss and fitness will struggle mightily with P90X2 and with the P90X Nutrition Plan.

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